A Gypsy Artist

2015 was an amazing year for me. I exhibited in my first gallery show in almost 5 years, with a gallery I have aspired to work with for a long time. (you can check out the exhibitions at Corvidae Collective Gallery here & here)

2016 happened with a bang as well with two more gallery shows and my opportunity to exhibit internationally at Penumbra Gallery in Portugal! (You can check that show out here). Having the opportunity to work with two amazing galleries has been a dream come true for me and I am so grateful for the experience. 

With my paintings for Freefall at Corvidae Collective, Gallery in Nashville, TN

With my paintings for Freefall at Corvidae Collective, Gallery in Nashville, TN

My husband also deployed overseas this year, and I decided that, instead of staying put for the six months he was gone, I would travel. We packed up our little house, put everything into storage, I kissed my man goodbye, and hit the road with my three fur babies. It has been quite an adventure for me so far, and I am striving to get out of my comfort zone and really live in the moment. I am currently in Tallahassee, Florida with my amazing sister and brother-in-law. They have been so gracious in opening up their home to me and my three fur babies. 

My next stop will be visiting my friends in Portland, Oregon and staying with my parents for a while in Bend, Oregon. While I am out there I definitely plan to take advantage of the incredible outdoors, and have a couple mountains I am planning on climbing, as well as some backpacking and mountain biking :) 

Despite my transience I have still been creating art, and keeping that as my focus. Not having a designated studio space is definitely challenging, but I have commandeered the kitchen table, and my sister has not complained yet ;) 

One thing that I did not really expect was the challenge of creating art while dealing with the loneliness of being without my life partner. I knew it would be hard without him but I did not expect that to impact my work as much as it has. It is hard to be inspired while dealing with that, but it has also been a valuable lesson for me - there is not always endless inspiration to help you along. Sometimes you have to just sit down and do the work, even when you are depressed, mad, uninspired or just don't feel like it. I have found that taking walks or sitting out in the sunshine helps me with my focus though. Anytime I feel frustrated or that I will poke my eyes out with my own paintbrush, I stop, lay the brush down, and go outside. The sunshine does wonders for the soul.  

I am also planning on some new ink, that will being going down in a couple weeks and I cannot wait to share that! 

Even though I am not an active blogger, I am going to try and be better about it and share more on here. However, I am super active on Instagram (@ella.beyer) where I stay up to date on all the artsy stuff going on in my life. 

xoxo ella