the introverted, forest-dwelling, hermit that is my spirit animal

I am super duper excited to announce that I will be participating in two art shows this summer/fall! Heroes -VS - Villains at La Bodega Gallery in San Diego, CA (July), and The Star Trek Show at Gristle Art Gallery in New York City (September). I am so honored and totally overwhelmed to get a chance to show at these two awesome galleries. I am continually so blessed by people who are willing to give my art a chance.

Both of these shows speak to the nerd inside me who is freaking the f*** out about being able to paint not only my favorite super hero (Psylocke), but also something from the incredible universe of Star Trek. Which means I will probably have to binge watch TNG for the next few weeks... you know - it's research, for work...  

My focus this year has really been about taking a step back, not worrying about where I am in my art career (the very, very beginning), or comparing myself to anyone else, and creating the best art I can possibly create. I am also developing the artwork for a yoga inspired tarot deck, set to be released (hopefully!) in 2017. Getting this opportunity for something this huge and amazing was really my wake up call that I needed to get serious about my technique, and work on refining my processes for creating art. I am a terribly disorganized person, and a project like this has forced me to be a planner, an organizer and just generally have my shit together :) Which is even harder with my husband overseas, because he has always been organized enough for the both of us. Also while he has been away, I had to learn to pay the water bill on time. Thank god I only had to do it once before I set off on my travels, or I would probably still not be showering. Yes, I am that bad at life. 

Luckily I am better at keeping up with my art obligations than I am paying bills. I think it has to do with the introverted, forest-dwelling, hermit that is my spirit animal.

Even though a lot of my time is being focused on developing the tarot deck, I am really excited about my pieces for Heroes -VS- Villains and The Star Trek show, and I will also be participating in the some art auctions via facebook with my art collective (Strange Dreams). 

And finally, my oil painting, The Fortune Teller, is currently available through Penumbra Gallery, and they are offering it at a discounted price! 

xoxo and May the 4th be with you!