I have totally fallen for.... drawing!

I have totally and completely fallen in love with drawing...

Drawing has always been necessary to my work as a painter but I never really loved doing it, and I never really thought that what I drew was any good. I have just used it as a tool to sketch out paintings.

But having to move houses this January has totally changed my perspective. 

During the move my studio and paints have been packed up for nearly three weeks (absolutely dreadful)! I knew I needed something creative to do while we were in the midst of the chaos (or I would most certainly go insane) so I kept out two sketch books, and some pens and pencils.

Wow. How I feel about drawing has completely changed!

I love it so much now that I draw every. single. day. Yes you heard me - something I used to do only for necessity has turned into something I cannot live without. Every morning, I sit at my kitchen table and while I enjoy my first cup of coffee, I always have an art journal or a sketch pad in front of me. It has turned into quite the love affair. 

And unlike when I paint - there is no pressure for my work to be "good" - No one is ever going to see the doodles in my art journal so it doesn't matter how they turn out..... it is SO FREEING to create art like that!  

That is why, as an artist, it is SO IMPORTANT to try new things and to keep working at stuff you don't feel you are any good at! You might completely amaze yourself with what you create :)

Sometimes, when I am feeling particularly brave, I share some of my "doodles" via Instagram