There once was a girl who wanted to paint the world...

Ella Beyer was born in Portland, Oregon and was encouraged from a young age to spend as much time as she wanted day dreaming, drawing, and writing lots of terrible (but very imaginative) poetry. During her childhood, Ella fully intended on joining the traveling circus and owning at least seventeen cats. Instead, she found her passion for painting when her parents bought her a painting kit and a Bob Ross VHS for her birthday. During college (where she did not study art), she discovered her love of surrealism, contemporary portraiture, and working with oils. 
Ella can usually be found with either a paintbrush in her hand, her nose in a book, or exploring the great outdoors. 

Ella currently lives in Ohio, with her husband and two dogs, where she paints, writes, and teaches yoga. She still aspires to be in the circus and own seventeen cats.


Available art: Corvidae Collective Gallery & Penumbra Gallery

Upcoming Exhibitions 

The Star Trek Show, Gristle Art Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), September 2-October 15, 2016 

Previous Exhibitions


HEROES -vs- VILLAINS, La Bodega Gallery, San Diego, CA

8x8, Penumbra Gallery, Loures, Portugal

Transmutations, Corvidae Collective Gallery, Nashville, TN    


Altar Fires For The Forgotten Gods, Corvidae Collective, Nashville, TN

Freefall, Corvidae Collective Gallery, Nashville, TN


Justice Center, Portland, OR

Buckley Center Gallery, Portland, OR


Pinckney Center Gallery, Bend, OR


Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry. 2011. University of Portland, Portland, OR.